„Ciganin, ali najljepši” is Coming to Weekend Media Festival

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Insulting and abusive for the entire Roma community. That is how a parliamentary representative assessed the award-winning novel and theater play „Ciganin, ali najljepši“. Even though it was appraised as a masterpiece by literary critics, „Črna mati zemla“ is deemed as ill-suited as mandatory school reading by some.

We see the topics Kristian Novak writes about daily, and yet, to some, a long, hard look in the mirror is too offensive. Are there discussions we are not supposed to have? Can we go forward by turning our heads and coming to peace with taboos? Or are Milena and Sandi the heroes of time?

„I don´t run away from polemics. I am looking forward to coming to Weekend Media Festival, I´m also ready for tricky questions and I will try to keep my answers at a level “, stated Novak.