Goodbye Mr. Sorrell?

Subota 22/09/2018 15:30
Long Weekend Stage

This year´s Cannes confirmed the sentiment of many experts that the advertising business is under pressure from multiple sides. With tech companies dramatically changing the media landscape, and consequently the advertising, we also have consultants who are trying to expand their area of expertise by chipping away advertising budgets. On the other side, the companies themselves have started to insource parts of advertising, due to the need to have direct contact with the consumers and the desire to own data. Is Martin Sorrell´s departure signaling an end of a marketing era? What are the advertising agencies´ thoughts on this issue and will they be able to survive in this new climate? What are the comparative advantages of agencies? Are they looking for new business models? How can we adjust new models to this region?


Damir Ciglar

Imago Ogilvy, Director (Croatia)

Sašo Dimitrievski

Pristop Group, Partner and Board Member (Slovenia)

Vladimir Dimovski

McCann Adriatic, Chief Executive Officer (Serbia)

Jovan Stojanović

Direct Media, CEO CEE (Serbia)


Nikola Bubanj

Grey Group Europe, CEO Adriatic & Balkans (Croatia)