Pete Radovich: Here is why to create a million-dollar worth ads without any product

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“Make them care. You should tell a story in a way it will build an emotional connection with people you want to reach to, not just to show them your product”, said Pete Radovich, CBS Creative Director, the winner of the most prestigious marketing and communication awards during the panel ‘Tell Me a story’.

“Companies tend to forget that people pay to escape the ads. You should go back to basics to find and tell a good story without pushing the product. People do care, that’s why a top story telling is the most successful way to express a brand value.

His 4-minutes TV spot “Teasing John Malkovich” went viral and got millions views within just a few hours. Radovich said he did not believe that Malkovich will accept to do an ad for Super Bowl, but when he did it was a he pressure to create a concept which will fit Malkovich’s unique spirit. When the concept got a green light, production had just 4 hours for recordings. The result was spectacular – a unique ad for Super Bowl in the moment when no one believed there is anything more what could be said about the most popular sport event in the US.

Pete Radovich used some concreate examples to show how does a good content look alike.  In an ad for not so popular US sport league, sport is in focus just 15 seconds out of 4 minutes. A product is not even mentioned in an ad which was paid 5 million dollars by one global brand, it just comes in the end. If it wouldn’t be like that, a person would just watch its phone, not the screen. “You can’t cheat on people. Everyone has a story and a mobile phone. They can create rtheir own content. So, take the risk”, concluded Pete Radovich.