In Agencies, Talent is not Enough Anymore, Only Innovative Projects Make a Difference

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In the story of agency transformation, it is important that agencies change and learn from others. It´s not enough to only rely talent, but the knowledge of the 21st century is also needed, stated Anđelko Trpković, CEO of Publicis Groupe Adriatic Region on the “Agency (R)evolution” panel.
Trpović pointed out that over the past three years most creative agencies’ acquisition in the world involved consultants who lacked insight, which speaks volumes about the importance of business design, but also the fact that it is time to turn things around and get agencies to take over consultancy companies.

Representatives of the top regional agencies in the region presented innovative projects that left the traditional business models and brought changes in the agency business arena. Relja Jović, Director of Digital Development I&F McCann Group presented the Lav Beer campaign in Serbia. For this campaign, the agency received input from the Client to communicate the news that they no longer use corn in their beer, meaning they now produce non-corn based beer. They came up with the idea of making popcorn communicate the desired message. The final result was very successful, they sold 50,000 pieces of popcorn. Mitja Tuškej, Director of Direct Media agency from Slovenia, spoke about the Štartaj Slovenija project they prepared for SPAR. The agency worked for three years on a campaign that offered young entrepreneurs product placement on special shelves. Due to the cultural context, the feelgood story and communication method, the project delighted everyone in the industry. The number of younger SPAR shoppers grew by 50 percent in Slovenia.
– It is important that Clients engage the agency in the project as soon as possible, and at the very end for promotion. All these projects are not only cool but have gathered phenomenal results – said Daniel Ackermann, Co-Founder and CEO of Degordian.