Golden Era of the independent production in the Region

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Independent production in Croatia and in the Region entered into the Golden Era, says Dario Vince, owner of the Ring Production and president of the Croatian Independent Producers Association. “As an answer to the content production monopoly, the need for pluralism arise. Producer initiates and takes care about the project until the very end. It is his responsibility and the independent companies presented its flexibility, mobility and ability for specialization in different types of content.

There is free market, where people who want to be competitive circulate all the time. The key is to change the paradigm”, said Vince. Damir Novinić, HRT Deputy Director General said the same thing is happening in the production. “Results of the cooperation with the independent production are very good. HRT has a significant share of a good quality non-commercial content”, said Novinić. Josip Popovac, Chairman of the Council and Director of the Agency for the Electronic Media argues that HRT is one of the TV companies in Europe. “During the past several years we had some great projects. HRT is one of the most powerful institutions in Croatia, initiator of everything what is going on in the media and in the culture”, he added.

Things are changing for good in Serbia, as well. “Few years ago, the situation was so desperate that we almost gave up on everything. Truly independent production did not have any opportunity nor perspective. Now we are facing an incredible situation where you cannot find a secretary of directors and there is more and more work. In the most cases it is about series aith a lower number of episodes”, said Branislav Antović, CEO of the Development and New Business Department, RTS Srbija.

He also points out that the revenues of the branch were taken over by cable companies, and they also discussed the copyright. “Emitting a particular content costs us more than our own production. One of the recent examples is the Meso series. It is a dark story of a young and unknown author, a strong and contemporary drama that looked as if it was not for public service. But we have given it the primetime and the series has become a hit”, Antović said.