Why Are We So Bad at Predicting the Future?

We hear, give and depend on predictions on an almost daily basis. In a world full of uncertainty, predictions of the future are inevitable. However, if we know that people are susceptible to prejudice, partiality and overconfidence, can we trust them to be just as good with predictions?

How to Survive in the Media Scene When 90 Percent of Readers Want Free Content?

“I think everyone in every relationship goes as far as you let them. When we arrange interviews with politicians, we immediately tell them there are no forbidden questions. Sometimes they don’t come to us but go to another television station”, said Ksenija Kardum, News Director at Nova TV during the media panel.

Dejan Ljuština: All Media Acquisitions Happen for Profits

When KKR came to us, the market got a little kick. Personally, KKR saved my life. I had to leave HRT. I had two heart attacks there, Zoran Šprajc said on the “Money Never Sleeps” panel where acquisitions on the media market and what that means for consumers was discussed.

Do Advertisers Know Us Better Than We Know Ourselves?

Visionary digital marketer with over twenty years of experience in technology, advertising, and marketing, Jason Jercinovic has come to Rovinj. The Global Head of Innovation at Havas, he opened the issue of data use and ethics in advertising in the era of artificial intelligence.

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