Brands are a part of the solutions for the issues in the society. Do you agree?

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Ethics became a new currency in the society, argues Walter Susini, Coca-Cola Senior Vice President for Marketing for the EMEA Region.

Susini believes that brands these days more than ever have a mission and it has never been a better time to look for a higher purpose. At the panel “A good business is good for the business” he presented the survey which shows that employees of the companies with a purpose are more satisfied and engaged. One third of the European consumers go for brands which promote social and ecological awareness. Consumers look for answers how does the brand help women, youth, refugees and the overall society.

“I like to say I am a brand activist. Brands are a part of the solution. If you do not believe this, you are in the wrong business”, said Susini.

He showed several Coca-Cola’s campaigns from all around the world in which they fought against racism, homophobia, discrimination against women and promoted tolerance.

He also shared advices on steps which should be made in order to make a move from the corporate social responsibility to the relevant brand purposes. It is important not to be afraid to make some people go mad, always go for the biggest bet, never chose an easy way, do what you say, support changes and discussions in the society, to be honest when we lack some answers and always chose important issues which will have the biggest impact.