Here is why Netflix and HBO decided to buy Croatian series besides a lot of other content

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We became small exporters of a good production, stated Miodrag Sila and Nebojša Taraba, producers and owners of company Drugi plan who managed to sell Croatian series to Netflix and HBO. Series Novine (The Newspapers), which was produced by Drugi plan in partnership with the Croatian National Television, based on Ivica Đikić’s script and directed Dalibor Matanić, Netflix bought in April this year. It secured them an audience of more than hundreds million people. Most popular streaming service in the world bought its 2nd season without any preview. But this is not an isolated achievement of Drugi plan duo because HBO will broadcast for the first time a series in Croatian – Uspjeh (The Achivement). That script was written by Marjan Alčevski, directed by Oscar winner Danis Tanović and produced by Sila i Taraba.

They will enter the market with excellent references. The Newspapers is recommended by foreign media as the best choice for weekend. “There is lots of content on Netflix, but we distinguish because of an interesting topic and mode of recording. There are tons of fantastic series made on templates. We compensate our lack of money with a talent”, Sila stated.

When it comes to a cooperation with the Croatian National Television, one of its roles is to promote a culture, language and domestic production. “The story in “The Newspapers” is a local one, but it has a global context. Therefore, local content can attract global audience. The specific moment and a breakdown of that old, traditional media system is a universal phenomenon”, said Taraba.

Sila and Taraba concluded that the path to a global success is paved with appropriate circumstances which bring the right people in, but above all the most important is to have a good product.