SCREENING: The Witch Hunters

Petak 21/09/2018 16:45
Working Weekend Stage

“The Witch Hunters” is a children´s film which uses the story of friendship and growing up to cover the topic of difference. It is conceived as a larger platform for raising awareness of this particular social problem. The film´s debut was at the prestigious TIFF Kids International Film Festival in Toronto, where it won the first prize, and has in the meantime made the selection and been awarded at 15 other festivals worldwide. 10-year-old Jovan has had cerebral palsy for as long as he can remember. His condition has shaped his everyday life and made him think of himself as invisible to others - particularly his parents and classmates. However, in his imaginary world to which he escapes frequently, he is free to be who he wants and possesses the hero superpowers that everybody dreams of. Jovan's (extra)ordinary existence is suddenly shaken up by a new classmate, Milica. Bit by bit, the brave and determined Milica tears down the walls that Jovan has built around himself and eventually invites him to join her on a real-life adventure – to liberate her father from his new wife, Milica’s stepmother, whom she believes is a witch. The quest offers Jovan a reality beyond anything he could have imagined, but in order to become a true hero, Jovan first has to learn to accept himself for who he is.