More Than a Burger: Submarine and Mate Janković Join Forces in Charity for Red Noses

Submarine Burger, the local hamburger chain is well-known for their humanitarian character, especially since the fact that they donated over 130.000 kunas to various charities in the past four years. Their cooperation with the Red Noses Clowndoctors association, whom Submarine donated over 70.000 kunas in the past two years, is especially significant. While on a mission of spreading laughter to those who need it the most, they were joined by Mate Janković, one of Croatia's most famous chefs. Namely, he came up with a new burger recipe exclusively for Submarine, and part of the sales profits will be donated to Red Noses. But the good news doesn't stop there! The visitors of the eleventh edition of Weekend Media Festival will have an opportunity to try the new burger made by Mate! Žumberak meat, cheese from Podravina, potatoes from Lika and Dalmatian pancetta are just some of the reasons why their burgers are one of the best burgers around. After Weekend Media Festival, Mate's burger will be available on the menu in 6 Submarine locations in 3 Croatian cities.