Alen Delić

Diverto, Principal Information Security Consultant (Croatia)

Petak 21/09/2018 13:30
Long Weekend Stage


Alen Delić works for Diverto as a principal consultant for information security in the field of strategic development, information security management and social engineering. He is working on information security and safety management development projects. He is a certified Social Engineering Pentest Professional and a Master's Level Social Engineering Expert.


Do You Trust Your Phone?

Your computer and your phone have a camera and a microphone. They actually have everything necessary to record you even when they´re not turned on. Have you noticed that many people put tape over the camera on their personal computers? Can we be sure that everything we say or do is not being recorded? What else can your phone do without you being aware or allowing it to do? Who can possibly be capable of using your phone without your knowledge. Are we just being paranoid or is your phone not all your own?


Nevena Rendeli Vejzović

HRT, Editor (Croatia)