Christine Amtmann & Elsa Comby

Elsa Comby, Arte France, Public Affairs in the President’s office (France) Christine Amtmann, Arte Geie, Officer for European Development (France)

Petak 21/09/2018 11:15
French-German Connection


Elsa has joined ARTE France in 2016 as Head of Public Affairs in the President’s office. Before joining ARTE, she was a diplomatic adviser to France’s former Minister of Education after having worked at the French national film fund (CNC) for several years. Elsa holds a degree from Sciences Po in Grenoble and Paris. Born in Germany, Christine is working at ARTE GEIE in Strasbourg since 2013, where she is in charge of the channel’s European development and the relations with ARTE’s partner channels across Europe. Christine holds a master’s degree in European Affairs from the Paris-Sorbonne University and a BA degree from the University of Auckland in New Zealand.


ARTE’s Digital Strategy & European Development

ARTE is acknowledged as one of the pioneers on the digital media front. ARTE is not only a TV broadcaster and a web player, but also a TV and a web producer. As such, ARTE is tapping into all the new content distribution possibilities that the Internet is opening up, and leveraging them from a cultural perspective (tailoring content to new viewing habits) and from a technical perspective (using the wide variety of available networks). Over the years, it has sharpened its understanding of audiences’ habits and preferences, and its expertise in mobile devices, connected TV sets and OTT distribution, which is gaining prominence day after day. ARTE was one of the first channels to provide its audience in France and Germany with a catch-up TV service as of October 2007. The channel is also increasing its expertise around innovation and new ways of digital storytelling, and has for instance coproduced a variety of 360° filmed programmes, which are available via the ARTE360 VR app specifically designed for this type of immersive content. Creating a television channel for two audiences was a first in television history and is still an exception in the global TV market today. Since its creation, ARTE has been committed to cultural diversity and multilingualism, convinced that better circulation of European broadcast content can make a considerable contribution to European cultural integration. All programmes go out in French and German. A range of programmes are also available online with English, Spanish, Polish and since June 2018 also with Italian subtitles. Further, the partnerships ARTE has signed with other European public service broadcasters demonstrate ARTE’s commitment to broadcast programmes that bring Europe’s creativity and diversity to the fore. ARTE also co-produces groundbreaking programmes with other television channels throughout the world. ARTE’s European Development thus runs through its contents, as well as its linguistic and territorial availability.


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