Davor Rostuhar

Writer and Photographer (Croatia)

Petak 21/09/2018 12:30
Long Weekend Stage


Davor Rostuhar was born in 1982 in Zagreb. He is one of the founders of KEK (Culture and Expedition Club). He has led over twenty expeditions to the farthest areas of our planet. He has been an independent artist since 2008 and he is also a writer and a photographer. So far, he has published six travel and science fiction books as well as an extremely successful photo monography Croatia From Above. He has visited one hundred countries.


Polar Dream - The First Croatian Expedition to the South Pole

What does a man have to do to make his dream come true? In order to find the best answer to this question, Davor Rostuhar decided to kick off the greatest challenge, a great exploration which led him to the end of the world. He became the first Croat to ever walk from the edge of Antarctica to the South Pole. The expedition took 47 days, during which he walked over 1163 km alone, with no food delivery, while dragging all his equipment in a 135 kg sled without the use of external energy (such as wind, dogs, engines…). Davor has spent the past two years preparing for this expedition. During these preparations he has visited the traditional Arctic dwellers that live in the far North of the planet, dwellers such as the Inuit of northern Greenland, the Nenet of northern Siberia and Sami from northern Scandinavia. He has prepared in Norway twice and learned from the best living polar explorers. His multimedia lecture Polar Dream is a combination of intimate audiovisual records from the travels of one man who, while living out his dream, went on a deep journey into himself. The entire process is documented, from its beginnings to the final fulfillment. During his journey, the author breaks, crosses the boundaries of what he believed was the maximum of his possibilities, he rises, and he falls only to finally triumph in a way unimaginable to him. Davor Rostuhar is responsible for a series of successful projects and expeditions, such as cycling from Zagreb to Egypt, motorcycling from Zagreb to Cape Town, seven expeditions into the Amazonian and Papuan jungles, etc. He is the author of 6 travel book and a photography project National Geographic – Croatia From Above.


Nevena Rendeli Vejzović

HRT, Editor (Croatia)