Eric Léandri

Qwant, Chairman and Co-Founder (France)

Petak 21/09/2018 10:00
French-German Connection


Eric Léandri is a specialist in web, IT and network security with 20 years experience as a technology entrepreneur. Prior to Qwant, he held positions such as Head of Special Projects for a number of global rms such as UB, deputy-CEO of Trustmission, and majority shareholder and managing director of Mobilegov SaaS.


Qwant, the European search engine that respects your privacy

Founded by security specialist Eric Léandri, investor Jean Manuel Rozan and search-engine expert Patrick Constant in 2011, Qwant has launched its eponymous web search engine in July 2013. Based and designed in Europe, Qwant is the first search engine which protects its users freedoms and ensures that the digital ecosystem remains healthy. It does not employ user tracking and it doesn't personalize search results in order to avoid trapping users in a filter bubble.


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