Jason Jercinovic

Havas, Global Head of Innovation (USA)

Subota 22/09/2018 13:30
French-German Connection


Visionary digital marketer with over twenty years of experience in technology, advertising, and marketing, ranging from global agencies to VC funded start-ups. Known for using technology to create innovative, customer-centric solutions, paired with a proven ability to increase revenues and drive business growth. A passionate and dynamic leader with a unique ability to communicate vision, energize staff, and create momentum to motivate sales, operational, technology and creative teams. With an energetic obsession in all things innovative, his unique industry experience has created special expertise in emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, video, mobile, social media, and content production to create value and growth for some of the world’s largest brands. Jason has been leading Havas' Innovation practice as Global Head of innovation and most recently has been focusing on building and scaling Havas' new AI (Havas Cognitive) and CX business units which allow brands to identify data driven insights and build new customer products across marketing, operations, tech and more. Prior to the new Global role, Jason was President of Havas NY since 2011. Recipient of Global Innovator Award by the Internationalist. Frequent speaker and writer on topics such as AI, technology and the future of marketing.


Data, Advertising and the Erosion of Trust in the Age of AI

Cognitive intelligence has unlocked the power for brands to engage with people in unprecedented ways. The advancements enable building human-like relationships with consumers, an invaluable evolution to consumer connection. Yet, the AI fueling that evolution introduces troubling ethical considerations. Advertisers may soon know us better than we know ourselves. Worrisomely, they may elevate the art of persuasion to the science of behavior control. Combined with practical considerations like inherently biased data, algorithms that make flawed decisions & violations of personal privacy, Jason calls for a code of ethics that will govern our use of AI in marketing applications that ensures transparency & trust. As we continue to blur the lines between brand & citizen, is there a point at which marketers should ethically decide to opt out? Are there places that brands shouldn’t engage?


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