Manuel Gerullis

Meeting Of Styles, Founder and International Coordinator (Germany)

Petak 21/09/2018 16:45
French-German Connection


Manuel Gerullis, born in 1971 in Wiesbaden Germany. In 1984 infected by the Hip-Hop-virus, started Breakdancing and tagging. First piece made in 1986 and until 1991 mostly painting illegal as back in the days legal spots to paint were rare. Since 1991 painting legally and started to organise first expos, workshops and projects. 1997 foundation of the “int. Wall Street Meeting”, a legendary event which took place until the demolition of the famous Schlachthof-grounds. 2002 foundation of the “int. Meeting Of Styles”.


Meeting Of Styles - From local to global! How a Vision Became Reality, Inspired and Conquered the Graffiti Word

Meeting Of Styles (MOS) is a worldwide series of Graffiti-Festivals uniting artists and spectators from all over the world. Since 2002 more than 300 events worldwide supported intercultural netting and exchange. The lecture will take you back to the years 1997- 2001 when it all started in Wiesbaden (Germany) and summarize the further development of the event into the world´s most known and largest Mural-Art-Project.


Iva Šulentić

Host, Croatia