Onat Hekimoglu

Slow Bros.,CEO/Game Designer/Composer (Germany)

Petak 21/09/2018 15:30
French-German Connection


Floating between film fan and game designer as well as gamer and film maker, Onat Hekimoglu is good at mixing storytelling and interactive concepts. After studying film at the WAM Medienakademie and Game Design at the Cologne Game lab, he is now working on his third academic degree. Driven by a reverse engineering kind of curiosity about gadgets, instruments, anything with knobs and buttons, he has been able to retain a childlike enthusiasm for playing with things, leading to projects like the interactive audio-visual installation "Klanglichter" or the VR serious game "Outcasted". He has won a range of awards in the realms of film and games and is currently working on "Harold Halibut - A Handmade Adventure Game“, which is the first full length game by „Slow Bros.“, the indie studio he founded together with his friends.


Serious Games

Games can be much more than entertainment. From simulations over scientific exploration, politics and education, there are countless applications for the interactive digital medium. Have you ever wondered how playing games can help to train people, deal with societal challenges or raise awareness of contemporary social issues? This lectures purpose is to give insight into games that are designed for those purposes: Serious games.


Iva Šulentić

Host (Croatia)