The Creative Industry Needs to Respond to Challenges With Creativity

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The advertising industry is changing. The development of technology has disrupted the media and the communication channels, consultant fees are covered by advertising budgets, taking money away from advertising agencies. How can agencies fight this trend? What is their comparative advantage in relation to the challenges that lie ahead?

Answers were sought at the “Goodbye Mr. Sorrell!!?!” panel by Damir Ciglar, Director of Imago in Zagreb, Sašo Dimitrevski, Partner and Board Member of Pristop Group from Ljubljana, Executive Director of McCann Adriatic Serbia, Vladimir Dimovski and Jovan Stojanović, CEO of Direct Media. ‘Agencies have become fat and lazy’, concluded Ciglar.

They lost their place in the board room as well as their contacts with the directors in Client companies. Disruption and change are words used when we talk about the future of practically all industries, and they are also important when you talk about the future of agencies. But, what are the advantages of agencies? What is the added value they have in regards to its competition?

‘I’m not worried about the future of creative agencies. Imagine if Volvo came with a brief for a campaign for trucks. It doesn’t get any worse than that. And then, on one of the meetings, one kid says to put two truck next to each other on the highway. Then another kid says that they should drive in reverse. The third kid comes up and says that maybe somebody should be doing a split between the trucks, the fourth says why not Jean Claude Van Damme. You simply cannot get that anywhere else”, concluded Vladimir Dimovski.