Dalić: The National Team Was My Dream. Back in March, I Already Decided I Was Leaving, But I Couldn’t in the End

Everyone wanted to take a picture with the most successful Croatian football coach of all time. He told us he doesn’t like to pose for pictures, but he will do it for his fans.

„The national team was my dream. Back in March, I already decided I was leaving, but I couldn’t in the end“, said Zlatko Dalić, the most successful Croatian national football coach, during his visit to the 11th Weekend Media Festival, which made quite a stir with the participants. Everyone wanted to take a picture with him.

“Football is the most important secondary thing in the world and I understand the public’s interest. What matters to me is that I will stay the same and continue to sit down for coffee with those I had coffee with before” Dalić said. The leader of the national football team also talked about the secret of its success at the World Cup in Russia.

According to him, the key is in an individual approach to each player. “I did not make one decision without them. I always talked to them and asked them for their opinion, and only then decided about everything. I trusted them immensely, and I asked for the same in return. That confidence grew daily and in the end we simply clicked. I mean after beating Argentina ” Dalić revealed.

The promotion that football brought to Croatia was also discussed in the panel „What Does Football Mean to the Croatia Brand?“ where extra seats were needed. Hundreds of thousands of articles, TV reports and millions of tweets about Croatia during the World Cup were immediately picked up by the Croatian Tourist Board. They kicked off a campaign and during the matches they targeted the audience, showing them a promo video “Croatia full of life” with Croatian footballers.

“The success of the players made our job easier and we reacted in time. Recently, a photographer that got trampled by Mandzukic and the crew during the celebration, “is still in the campaign for this post-season,” said Kristjan Staničić, Director of the Croatian Tourist Board.

The „Let There Be Light“ panel was also very interesting because it  focused on the relationship of light and darkness, the nature and the demands of modern life and light pollution. On the one hand, it was said that unnecessary lighting has a bad influence on nature and humans, but on the other hand, lighting is necessary because more people in urban environments tend to „live“ more and more during the night. The theme of light eventually turned into one of the most dramatic panels in Rovinj.

“No one says that cities dont need lighting. We dont advocate a return to the Middle Ages where someone is waiting for you in the dark with a cudgel. This is a story about city walls, national parks that are unnecessarily illuminated. We are talking about the outskirts of the cities. If someone wants to live 24 hours and have problems with their immune system, that’s their thing. Owls, fireflies and other animals dont have that choice, “said Korado Korlević, Director of the Observatory in Višnjan.

Video interviews with Zlatko Dalic and other top lecturers can be viewed on the Weekend Media Festival YouTube channel.