Digital Platforms Then and Now: Weekend Reveals How to Satisfy Portal Readers´ Needs

The panel „New World Order: How to create content fit for a digital age “will host key regional media representatives who will discuss content creation specifics as well as digital content distribution

Zagreb, August 20th, 2018 – Print media used to publish almost identical content on their Internet portals and in their print editions. Today however, digital platforms tend to have their own forms and original ways of transferring information and telling stories that really differentiate from traditional media when it comes to creating content.

Digital media, as a mode of information and education providers, have started to carefully balance their own content production with content like analyses and columns and quick news that readers expect to find on the portals. However, journalists and editors are still facing a challenge in finding a way to accentuate quality topics and expand their readership, while simultaneously, still be the first to publish the news.


Editing a homepage of an Internet portal the way it used to be before – only several times a day – has changed a lot. Today, the user expects to find new information on the homepage every time he or she visits the portal. So, it is no wonder that trends show a significant increase of article production, from the previous tens to a couple of hundreds of articles per day.

With an ever-increasing content production, we also see an increment of consummation and a high retention rate on Internet portals. In the past ten years, Gemius research has shown, that the time of retention on digital platforms has increased and incredible 50 to 100 percent on a monthly basis.

At Weekend media Festival, the panel „New World Order: How To Create Content Fit For a Digital Age “will host the key regional media representatives who will reveal content creation specifics and global content distribution.

The largest regional communications festival will be taking place from September 20th until September 23rd at the well-known location, the old tobacco factory in Rovinj, alongside this year´s partners, France and Germany. All marketing experts can also apply for the seventh edition of BalCannes, while the best digital projects will once again, be represented by the most important digital awards, SoMo Borac.