Clickbait Wasn’t Made up by Portals, TV and Radio Have Been Using the Same Tricks for Years

One of the most visited panels on Friday morning was „Tell me a story “, where Pete Radovich, CBSs creative director, showed what it really means to have great content

The future of classic free to air television, the safety of Internet users, the specifics of producing digital content and the importance of storytelling are just some of the topics that marked the start of the first day of the eleventh edition of Weekend Media Festival in Rovinj.

The conference part started with the “Will Netflix Eat the Free TV World?” panel, where panelists discussed content consummation trends. Richard John Brešković, HT’s Director of Residential Marketing Sector, stated that the general public in Croatia loves to binge-watch and that the viewership of on-demand television is on the rise. “The Croatian audience follows the trend we see in the Unites States. Not as so much, but they do keep up” said Brešković, adding   he sees potential growth in short video formats of up to 12 minutes, which is appropriate for mobile phones during car rides or class breaks.

One of the most visited panels on Friday morning was definitely “Tell Me a Story”, in which Pete Radovich, CBS’s Creative Director showed what having great content really means by using actual examples. “Make them care”. Tell a story in a way that you reach an emotional connection with the people you need to reach.” said Radovich and added: “People do care, that’s why great storytelling is the most efficient way to show your brand’s value”.

At the lecture “The Search Engine That Respects Your Privacy”, the French security expert Eric Léandri spoke about the mass surveillance of Internet users. “People are no longer exploring terrorism-related terms, regardless of whether they are journalists or individuals, for fear of being questioned,” said Léandri, co-founder of Qwant, the first search engine that protects the user’s freedom. This European search engine gets 10 million searches by 70 million users on a monthly basis.

The „New World Order – How to produce content for the digital age“ panel followed, where key media representatives, concluded that written journalism found online developed its own rules and specifics, and there was also much talk about the  ‘famous’ click-through. “I think the negative hype around clickthoughs is exaggerated. I don’t want to be an apologists, but similar tricks in attracting attention have been used in radio and television for many decades and nobody is blaming them, “said Filip Raunić, Editor-in-Chief of portal.

Miodrag Sila and Nebojša Taraba, producers and owners of „Drugi plan“, revealed how they succeeded in selling the Croatian TV series „The Newspaper“ and „Success“ to Netflix and HBO. „We all know that you can find a bunch of content on Netflix, but we stood out with an interesting topic and our way of recording. There are many shows that look like they were made in the same template. We compensated the lack of funding of large production houses talent“, stated Sila.

Watch video interviews with some of today’s lecturers on our Weekend Media Festival YouTube channel.