Get Your Dancing Shoes Ready, the Eleventh Weekend Media Festival Kicks Off Today!

The Croatian music diva and the most popular jazz singer will officially open the best Weekend of the year with timeless hits

With a unique concert by our diva Zdenka Kovačiček and Marko Tolja, with the HRT Jazz Orchestra, under the direction of Miron Hauser, the old tobacco factory will once again be the place where the eleventh Weekend Media Festival opens. The three-day edition of the largest communication industry festival will gather over 5000 participants, which include over 550 journalists and 350 journalists. They will be able to enjoy  over 50 lectures, panel discussions, presentations and workshops by over 150 influential speakers from all over the world.

The conference part of the festival starts on Friday when, amongst other, the panel Will Netflix Eat The Free TV World?, where panelists will discuss the future of television and what it means for consumers. Furthermore, in an hour-long presentation, the 36 Emmy award winner, producer and director, Pete Radovich will share his storytelling techniques, but also his philosophy which is the foundation of his successful American television career.

Interesting lectures and panels are perfect for finding new inspiration, and we will have so many of them on Saturday. The Vice-president of Marketing for Coca-Cola for Western Europe and senior Vice-president for the EMEA region, Walter Susini, will reveal why ethics have become the new social currency, and sustainability our social capital during his lecture A Good Business is Good for the Business.

Vuk Vuković, Head of Oraclum, will tell us how they manage to predict voter and consumer preferences in his lecture Why We Are so Bad at Predicting the Future. The Oraclum team is the only one that predicted Donald Trump’s victory in the American presidential elections. The afternoon part of the Saturday program is reserved for the Lost in Translation panel where we will find out how foreigners see Croatia, what made them happy, and what they still can’t get used to.

One of this year’s panels is also Goodbye Mr. Sorrell? where panelists will talk about the rising pressure in the advertising industry, and how to adjust to new surroundings as well as the question whether Martin Sorrell’s leave marks the end of the advertising industry.

Get your dancing shoes ready for other music acts of the Weekend party program. Friday is reserved for a harder rhythm with our hip-hop duo Sick Rhyme Sayazz, while Saturday’s party „Weekend Goes Global“ will, for the first time ever, raise the party to a whole new level. The brothers David and Stephen Dewaele, also known as 2manydjs will take the stage and mark the end of the best Weekend of the year.