7 Challenges of 21st Century Radio

Petak 21/09/2018 11:15
Long Weekend Stage

The global radio industry in generating record profits, and Nielsen is showing data that this is a media platform with the highest marketing reach. The digital people's habits are telling us that audio is in and they are also bringing new types of radio content placement. Meanwhile, the region is still concerned with basic radio recipes and the repetition of decades old mantra that says: “Radio will survive”. In the age of podcasts, mobile apps, internet broadcasting and digital media platforms, we have to ask ourselves, where have the enthusiasm and business fervor gone? Are there any players around that are ready to face the current challenges of radio?


Alen Balen

Yammat FM, Director / Editor in Chief (Croatia)

Davor Marić

Agency for Electronic Media, Member of the Electronic Media Council (Croatia)

Ana Martinoli

Faculty of Drama Arts, Associate Professor & Radio Producer (Serbia)

Vladimir Mušicki

Media Masters, Owner (Serbia)


Goran Komerički

HRT, Radio Producer (Croatia)