Hunger games

Subota 22/09/2018 10:00
Long Weekend Stage

We all love homemade food and domestic products, but we are constantly hearing news that domestic producers keep losing the battle with imported goods and are producing less and less. We strive to eat healthy and locally, but local produce is decreasing. Even though the trends tell us otherwise, the numbers are quite the opposite. What is happening with food and why is it so? Are homemade products really better than imported ones? Is connect- ing blue and green Croatia just a myth? Can we really develop a competitive ecological agriculture? What is the role of marketing and branding in the development of the food processing industry?


Davor Bruketa

Bruketa&Žinić&Grey, kreativni direktor (Hrvatska)

Denis Matijević

Smarter, CEO (Croatia)

Zvonko Popović

Kanaan, Owner (Croatia)

Tomislav Popović

Representative of the Tourism Industry (Croatia)


Zoran Šprajc

RTL Croatia, Editor and Anchor of RTL Direkt (Croatia)