Lost in Translation

Subota 22/09/2018 16:45
Long Weekend Stage

While many are leaving some are coming. They´re coming from all sides of the globe. Croatia has many people from the most diverse countries and cultures or occupations who are here for so many different reasons. Croats often like to talk about what Croatia is like, what it´s like to live here and compare themselves to others. But even more than that, they love hearing how foreigners who live and work with them feel about Croatia. How do foreigners see Croatia? What´s it like to work here? What´s the quality of life like? What do they find strange, what do they love, what bothers them? Have they started to get out of the draft and into meetings over a cup of coffee?


John Brady

BAT, Head of Marketing (Adria Cluster)

Cody McClain Brown

Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb, Lecturer (Croatia)

Julian Oehrlein

Oradian, Co-founder and Head of Product (Croatia)

Paul Suchar

KPMG Croatia, Partner: Taxation, Legal and Bookkeeping Services (Croatia)


Antonija Mandić

Host (Croatia)