How Not to Mess Up Digital Transformation in 60 Minutes?!

Subota 22/09/2018 16:45
Business Summerhouse Stage

Digital transformation is today´s key buzzword. However, what does it mean to carry it out successfully? The indisputable fact is that humanity´s progress slowed down to the moment of the implementation of the global digital transformation, which is kind of a precondition for the development of the 4th Industrial Revolution. To carry out a digital transformation on a micro-level in any type of business, means to increase productivity, reduce costs and optimize human resources. Developers – the most sought-out people of today, hold a central role in the entire process. Whether they are mythical creatures or not, they represent the most important factor of digital transformation. With the help of organizers of WeAreDevelopers World Congress and the greatest regional experts in digital transformation, as well as active participants of the process, find out how not to mess up though a case-driven panel.


Sead Ahmetović

WeAreDevelopers, Founder/Managing Director (Austria)

Slaven Mišak

Bonsai, CEO (Croatia)

Ratko Mutavdžić

Microsoft Corporation, Cloud Services Director (CEE)

Janez Rakušček

Luna\TBWA, Executive Creative Director (Slovenia)

Admir Tuzović

App Impact, CEO (BiH)


Miroslav Rosandić

Bug, Editor in Chief (Croatia)