Kim Kardashian – A Phenomenon That Changed the Beauty World

Subota 22/09/2018 11:15
French-German Connection

Natural beauty standards have changed throughout history. What has stayed the same is that natural beauty is natural, and therefore unattainable to all. Kim Kardashian has changed all standards that have existed so far. She has become an ideal of beauty with all her artificial additions while claiming that beauty is attainable to everyone. Attainable, yes, but though money! Women have become consumers that can reach their beauty ideals through shopping. How has this Kardashian phenomenon come to be? What is the role of media in redefining beauty? Is this trend pressuring the media or is the media complicit in its creation? What is the role of the beauty industry?


Milica Đokić

Color Press Group, Managing Director Lepota i zdravlje Magazine (Serbia)

Manja Grčić

Antenna Group, CEO Antenne Group za Srbiju i Crnu Gore (Srbija)

Dejan David Kemperl

DAVID magazine / GOLF KLUB magazine, Editor in Chief (Slovenia)

Dubravka Tomeković Aralica

Hanza Media, Editor in Chief of Gloria Editions (weekly editions Gloria and Gloria IN, bi-monthly edition GloriaGlam) (Croatia)

Tonkica Zlački

24sata, Head of the 24sata Women's Cluster (Croatia)


Milana Vlaović

Journalist/Columnist (Croatia)