Let There Be Light

Petak 21/09/2018 16:45
Business Summerhouse Stage

Light has probably been a common denominator in all world reli- gions. It is a concept that philosophy has processed for hundreds of years, and artists cannot create without it. Light permeates all spheres of human life. We have always strived to have as much light as possible in our surroundings. Light is present in all spheres of human society. What is light anyways? What is darkness? How do we use it in art and what does it represent? How does today’s architecture ap- proach light? What is photo pollution? How does light a ect the modern society, cities, people?


Korado Korlević

Visnjan Observatory, Director (Croatia)

Andrej Mohar

Dark-Sky Slovenia, Member (Slovenia)

Goran Petercol

Artist (Croatia)

Dean Skira

Skira, Founder and Lighting Designer (Croatia)


Damir Smrtić

HRT, Editor (Croatia)