Media – Guardians of Democracy or Servants of Interests and Capital?

Subota 22/09/2018 15:30
Weekend Stage

In a liberal democracy, the media holds the role of questioning the power and public interest, which makes them the guardians of democracy. On the other hand, the media is under constant pressure by various interest groups who want to present reality in a way that suits them most. Those who hold powerful positions also have easier access to the media, and their quality is often a reflection of the quality of democracy in a certain country. Is the Croatian media protecting its public? What is the quality level of the media and the democracy? Is the media doing its job properly? Can journalists in Croatia do their job? How has the economic crisis affected “journalistic freedom” in the media?


Robert Frank

Glas Istre, Editor in Chief (Croatia)

Ksenija Kardum

Nova TV, News Director (Croatia)

Dražen Klarić

Večernji list, Editor in Chief (Croatia)

Zdravko Milinović

Hanza Media, Editor in Chief of Globus magazine (Croatia)


Domagoj Novokmet

N1, Producer / Presenter (Croatia)