We Are Croatia

Subota 22/09/2018 10:00
French-German Connection

While in the company of some of the most fascinating promoters of Croatia in the world, we will talk about whether Croatia can be more recognizable through them on an exceptionally competitive world tourist map. Are we using their individual successes in promoting our country? How do they, through their professions, help increase Croatia's visibility on a global level, how much are their and similar professions important in the contemporary promotion of the country through even more interesting tourist content/products that have become the main motive for attracting visitors to a particular destination (eno-gastronomy, sport tourism, excellent movie locations that later become tourist attractions, fashion and tourism mergers). What does the Croatian Tourist Board use in its promotion on relevant markets?


Šime Fantela

Olympic Medalist and Triple World and European Champion in Sailing (Croatia)

Mate Janković

Chef (Croatia)

Hrvoje Serdar

Photographer and Director (Croatia)

Kristjan Staničić

Croatian National Tourist Board, Director (Croatia)

Aleksandar Šekuljica

Elfs (Croatia)

Ivan Tandarić

Elfs (Croatia)


Iva Šulentić

Host (Croatia)