Youth Will Inherit the World… As Soon as The Adults Allow It

Subota 22/09/2018 11:15
Weekend Stage

Is today's youth more lazy, ungrateful or incompetent to take care of themselves while they stare at their smartphones and other screens? Or are those just preconceptions about young people spread by older generations who try and hide their own fear of a fast-changing world that grows harder to understand and even more difficult to adapt to by the day? Their views will be presented by an experienced novice, and then we will have a chance to meet the generation born in the 21stcentury and find out first-hand what their views of the world look like and how they see their future in it. That might help us to understand this world better and to start trusting those who will come after us.


Ante Toni Debelić

Entrepreneur, Executive Director @GrowCity, Marketing Enthusiast (Croatia)

Alma Džafić

Debater, Future Psychology Student and Head of the II. Gymnasium Debate Club (Zagreb, Croatia)

Tamara Kojić

Activist (Serbia)

Matej Lončarić

24sata, Head of Video at 24sata & JoomBoos (Croatia)


Branimir Brkljač

Experienced Beginner (Serbia)