New Revenue Projects

Subota 22/09/2018 15:30
French-German Connection

The transformation of the media has led to the expansion of media business to new types of revenue. Direct advertising sales are just not enough. We see a significant growth of event business models in print and digital media, while televisions are developing growingly complex projects in which TV is just a part of the total product. All media outlets are looking for new sources of revenue, simultaneously changing the structure and ways of client cooperation. The media is looking for a direct connection with a client in order to use their platforms in a more effective way, unlike previous agency mediation practices. Just how big is the event business and is it sustainable? How much revenue do these projects bring to the media? What are the obstacles for a quality development of new products? Do media direct sales jeopardize the relationship between clients and agencies? What are some good project examples?


Robert Čoban

Color Press Group, CEO (Serbia)

Ivana Galić Baksa

Nova TV, Marketing, PR and Corporate Communications Director (Croatia)

Mirjana Glavak

24sata, Sales Director at 24sata (Croatia)

Uroš Hakl

Večer Skupina, Director (Slovenia)


Manuela Šola

Komunikacijski laboratorij, General Manager (Croatia)