New World Order – How to Create Content for a Digital Era

Petak 21/09/2018 11:15
Business Summerhouse Stage

Good content is good content! But various platforms demand various approaches to the content production. The first media that developed their own digital platforms basically copied their content off their basic channels. For the past few years, we have noticed greater advances towards adjustment or specialized production of content on digital platforms. What are the specifics of production and content distribution on digital platforms? What are the key tips & tricks? What has changed with digital, and what stayed the same?


Daniel Delale

Hanza Media, Editor-in-Chief (Croatia)

Filip Raunić, Editor in Chief (Croatia)

Saša Stajić

Adria Media Group, Editor in Chief (Serbia)

Jasmina Koprivica

Antenna Group Srbija, Head of and Digital Department (Serbia)


Vlado Lucić

NewsBar, Founder and Owner (Croatia)