The Return of The Scrapped – A Regional Production Renaissance

Petak 21/09/2018 16:45
Long Weekend Stage

We are finally seeing brighter days for independent regional production. Along with several major successes that were sold on the international markets and large global platforms, we are also witnessing some structural changes that lie ahead. The coregulation between HRT and independent production will enable a bigger cashflow on the market, but also a necessary investment that will enable access to European funds. This will be of great use to regional partners as well because co-productions happen often. Apart from HRT, there are several new private investors that might change the market significantly. Primarily, we have United Media which is backed by the American KKR fund, who have announced in increase in investments into local production, and the entry of Netflix and HBO into this region. Are we expecting a significant growth of local production? Are we ready for this opportunity? What will the market look like in a couple of years?


Branislav Antović

RTS, Executive Director of the Department for Development and New Business Affairs (Serbia)

Damir Novinić

HRT, General Director’s Assistant (Croatia)

Josip Popovac

Agency for Electronic Media, President of the Council for Electronic Media and Director (Croatia)

Goran Stanković

THISandTHAT, Co-Owner (Serbia)

Dario Vince

Ring produkcija / Croatian Asociation of Independent Producers, Owner anda General Manager / President (Croatia)


Dubravko Merlić

Castor Multimedia, CEO (Croatia)