Social First

Petak 21/09/2018 15:30
Business Summerhouse Stage

A while ago, social was viewed as the cheaper channel, but today we see it is far better and more efficient. An it has never been more complex. Even though many brands know that, they are afraid to make a serious investment into social channels. It is their general attitude that it´s easy to be creative if you have a budget, but even then, they don´t dare to invest. Those who do dare seem to get results. This is exactly what will be proven on this panel. What makes up today´s social? What did the first social campaigns look like? What kind of a team do you really need? Can your communication on social be managed by an in-house team or do you need another agency?


Nebojša Grbačić

Cvoke content agency, Copywriter/Co-founder (Croatia)

Martina Gršković

404, Social Media Director (Croatia)

Jernej Špende

Grey Ljubljana, Strategy Director (Slovenia)

Lea Stanković

Communis DDB, Executive Director (Slovenia)


Ida Prester

Host/Musician (Croatia/Serbia)