Stories and Vertical Videos at the Weekend!

Subota 22/09/2018 12:30
Working Weekend Stage

IGTV, Story highlights, Snapchat ads, Summer Specs and the new Spectacles formats…these are just some of the trends that have shaken up the digital community and given real-time marketing an incredible amount of attention! On this panel we will talk to our Story experts who will reveal how brands and influencers conquered Gen Z through the vertical video format.


Matea Frajsberger

Click4Chic, Blogger and YouTuber (Croatia)

Nana Nadarević

MAC Cosmetics, PR Manager Adriatic (Croatia)

Iva Soldo

Bamboo Lab, Co-founder and Head of Marketing (Croatia)

Darian Škarica

Delta Reality, Founder and CEO (Croatia)


Ivan Brezak Brkan, Editor in Chief (Croatia)