West Wing – How To Advise The President

Subota 22/09/2018 12:30
Business Summerhouse Stage

Every top politician lives in a completely mediatized world. Everything he or she says is a message that has consequences. Each message goes through various channels to reach the public. In order to properly lead in politics, a politician must communicate and understand the media perfectly. How do top politicians communicate? What are the tips & tricks of political communication? What does the life of top political PRs look like? How much do politicians listen to them? Are PR in politics only to put out fires or do they have a strategic position?


Krešimir Macan

Manjgura, General Manager (Croatia)

Stojan Pelko

Korpus, Strategic Consultant (Slovenia)

Suzana Vasiljević

Cabinet of the President, Media Adviser (Republic of Serbia)


Ivana Brkić

Nova TV, TV reporter (Croatia)