Why Are We So Bad at Predicting the Future?

We hear, give and depend on predictions on an almost daily basis. In a world full of uncertainty, predictions of the future are inevitable. However, if we know that people are susceptible to prejudice, partiality and overconfidence, can we trust them to be just as good with predictions?

How to Survive in the Media Scene When 90 Percent of Readers Want Free Content?

“I think everyone in every relationship goes as far as you let them. When we arrange interviews with politicians, we immediately tell them there are no forbidden questions. Sometimes they don’t come to us but go to another television station”, said Ksenija Kardum, News Director at Nova TV during the media panel.

Dejan Ljuština: All Media Acquisitions Happen for Profits

When KKR came to us, the market got a little kick. Personally, KKR saved my life. I had to leave HRT. I had two heart attacks there, Zoran Šprajc said on the “Money Never Sleeps” panel where acquisitions on the media market and what that means for consumers was discussed.

While Lost in Translation, They Found Themselves in Croatia

Croatia is a nice and pleasant, but above all safe place to live, panelists of the “lost in Translation” panel agreed, all of them being foreigners who have been living in Croatia for years.

Consumerism creates waste because we always want to have everything faster, stronger, cheaper and newer

One of the complaints in the circular economy model analysis is that such a system is expensive, but it is even more costly to dispose waste uncontrollably. This was one of the conclusions of this recycling panel.

The Creative Industry Needs to Respond to Challenges With Creativity

The advertising industry is changing. The development of technology has disrupted the media and the communication channels, consultant fees are covered by advertising budgets, taking money away from advertising agencies. How can agencies fight this trend?

Are the public services in the Region doing their job?

Globalization and digitalization processes, which marked the past period, made an impact on the public services as well – that is the conclusion of the panel “We the people…Regional Public Services”.

Do Advertisers Know Us Better Than We Know Ourselves?

Visionary digital marketer with over twenty years of experience in technology, advertising, and marketing, Jason Jercinovic has come to Rovinj. The Global Head of Innovation at Havas, he opened the issue of data use and ethics in advertising in the era of artificial intelligence.

Kristian Novak: I Never Write to Provoke, But Someone is Always Angry at Me

The Croatian cultural scene has not had a star of Cristian Novak’s caliber for a very long time. The former professional karate player published two hit novels, delighted the critics, but also raised a lot of noise he might not have wanted.

Hunger Games: How to Produce and Sell a Croatian Product?

Croatia has all the resources for food production, but we lack a serious business model that would enable us to feed ourselves and export the food, stated Denis Matijević, Director of Smarter consulting company at the ‘Hunger Games’ panel.

Aurora Cannabis Stocks Declared as the New Bitcoin, and Croatia is Running Behind Again

I would bet that in ten years recreational cannabis in the European Union will be legal, said Ognjen Brborović, chairman of the Medical Cannabis Commission of the Ministry of Health at the panel ‘I $ U Mary Jane’.

How to Counsel the President? Here is How the West Wing Looks Like in the Region

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić has never ran from journalists’ questions. It’s a completely different thing whether the journalists like his answers. The journalists’ problem is that Vučić says what he means, stated Suzana Vasiljević, Media Advisor to Aleksandar Vučić at the “West Wing – How to Advise the President” panel.

All Industries Must Disrupt and Sacrifice Something, Only the Most Successful Survive

At some point, your company will be transformed by the market or the market will be transformed by someone else. Disruption is a matter of everyday life, and the speed of change is increasing dramatically, “said Mladen Fruk, Partner at McKinsey for Croatia on the ‘Disrupt Yourself’ panel.

Is Bosnia new Switzerland and what do yogurts have to do with the survival of Yugoslavia? Satirists are back to Rovinj

I believe that French president Macron was the most excited because of the Croatian success in Russia at the World Cup. Imagine if Serbia was in the final instead of Croatia.

Brands are a part of the solutions for the issues in the society. Do you agree?

Ethics became a new currency in the society, argues Walter Susini, Coca-Cola Senior Vice President for Marketing for the EMEA Region.

Susini believes that brands these days more than ever have a mission and it has never been a better time to look for a higher purpose.

Do We Recognize All Opportunities to Brand Croatia? Here are some…

It is no longer enough to just have the sun and the sea. Everything that evokes emotions should be used in the branding of Croatia; anything that carries a Croatian story and enables an experience available nowhere else in the world.

New Kids on the Block. They Think Outside the Box, Break the Rules and Create New Businesses

Young kids are lazy, uninterested and spend most of their time staring at their smartphones? The panellists of the “Youth Will Inherit the World…As Soon as the Adults Allow it” panel managed to make us think otherwise.

Do You Trust Your Phone?

The value of one person´s personal profile amounts to tens of thousands of dollars, Alen Delić, the leading information Security Consultant at Diverto, warned in his lecture ‘Do you trust your phone?’

Light became a symbol of civilisation. Where is the limit of the 24-hours life?

‘Let There Be Light’ panel brought an issue about the light and the darkness, the nature and a modern life requirement, as well as the light pollution. There is an unnecessary lightening which has a negative impact on the people and the nature, while at the same time it is a necessity in the urban areas where people stay “alive” longer during the night.

Golden Era of the independent production in the Region

Independent production in Croatia and in the Region entered into the Golden Era, says Dario Vince, owner of the Ring Production and president of the Croatian Independent Producers Association. “As an answer to the content production monopoly, the need for pluralism arise.

Only Sports are Being Watched Live. That is Why the Promotion Football Brought to Croatia is Priceless

‘Sport is the only content that is watched live because it´s the only way to get the full experience. News, films, TV shows – everything else can be watched “on demand” but sports.

Zlatko Dalić: National team was my dream. I decided to leave in March, but in the end I wasn’t able to do it.

The situation in the national team was very complex when I arrived. If it would be different, it wouldn’t come to me, said the most successful Croatian coach Zlatko Dalić in Rovinj.

Pete Radovich: Here is why to create a million-dollar worth ads without any product

“Make them care. You should tell a story in a way it will build an emotional connection with people you want to reach to, not just to show them your product”, said Pete Radovich, CBS Creative Director, the winner of the most prestigious marketing and communication awards during the panel ‘Tell Me a story’.

Here is why Netflix and HBO decided to buy Croatian series besides a lot of other content

We became small exporters of a good production, stated Miodrag Sila and Nebojša Taraba, producers and owners of company Drugi plan who managed to sell Croatian series to Netflix and HBO.

In Agencies, Talent is not Enough Anymore, Only Innovative Projects Make a Difference

In the story of agency transformation, it is important that agencies change and learn from others. It´s not enough to only rely talent, but the knowledge of the 21st century is also needed, stated Anđelko Trpković, CEO of Publicis Groupe Adriatic Region on the “Agency (R)evolution” panel.

Clickbait is not invented by internet portals; same tricks are being used by TV and radio for years

“Two types of clickbaits should be discerned. One type is a direct scam of readers which is in fact fake news. Another thing is when you give a key information and then hide something secondary.

Croatian version of the first web search engine which protects consumers’ privacy to be launched soon

Why do you use curtains in your houses and at the same time you do not think about all the data which is being distributed while the web search engines are in use?

Free air television does not need to worry about its future, but it lays in the national content

How much time is left for the classical free to air television and when will all of us switch to OTT platforms – those are the issues which were raised in the panel discussion “Will Netflix Eat The Free TV World?”.

Zdenka Kovačićek and Marko Tolja with HRT Jazz Orchestra accompaniment opened the 11th Weekend Media Festival

With hits like “Žena za sva vremena”, Aretha Franklin’s “A natural woman” and Oliver Dragojević evergreens, one of the most respected jazz, rock and blues singer Zdenka Kovačiček, accompanied by HRT Jazz Orchestra conducted by Miron Hauser, opened the 11th Weekend Media Festival in Rovinj last night. 

Three More Days Until the Best Weekend of the Year

Only three days are left until the start of the eleventh edition of Weekend Media Festival, the biggest media and communications festival in South Eastern Europe. The festival will take place in the old tobacco factory in Rovinj from September 20th until September 23rd.

They Entertained Kylie Minogue, and Now They’re Coming to Entertain You: 2manydjs at Weekend Media Festival

The brilliant David Bowie adored them, they collaborated with Kylie Minogue and played at her party, and now they´re coming to the 11th Weekend Media Festival! The brothers David and Stephen Dewaele, better known as 2manydjs, will make us throw on our dancing shoes as part of the best Weekend of the year, which will take place from September 20th until September 23rd in the old tobacco factory where over 5000 visitors are expected.

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