The Main Character of a Story Called Journalism Is – The Journalist

Petak 21/09/2018 12:45
Working Weekend Stage

The journalism and media crisis in Croatia clearly are scientifically defined for over a decade. Going in favor with this current are the results of the recent scientific research of journalists' education in Croatia, which, among others, show that the content of study programs that educate journalists is mostly directed towards journalistic knowledge and less towards journalistic independence and freedom and responsibility. Previous approaches to the research of journalists' education and the proposals for the advance and development of journalism as a whole originate conventionally from the definition of journalism and the way it is realized and did not trigger any significant changes. However, since the main character of the story called Journalism is – the Journalist, the premise is that the current state in the media can be altered by introducing a new paradigm. By using a holistic approach to the journalist's education, the attention is shifted to all that a wholesome human being is. That way, the students would not be exclusively educated to become journalists, but would be cultivated into highly conscious, pro-active democratic citizens of the world who are engaged in journalism; with the knowledge, skills, autonomy and responsibility for a lifelong development of oneself, of others, of society and finally, our Planet. When such journalists start creating journalism – the world will be different.


Tijana Vukić

(Hrvatski) Fakultet za interdisciplinarne, talijanske i kuluturološke studije Sveučilišta Jurja Dobrile u Puli, docentica komunikologije (Hrvatska)