From Balaclava to Foundation – How Did The Most Controversial Animal Protection Group Become The Most Influential and Fastest Growing Regional Movement?

Subota 22/09/2018 15:30
Working Weekend Stage

Aleksandar Buhanac, Levijatan Executive Board member, will recount the shocking stories straight from the field, while their Board of Directors member, Jasminka Herceg, will reveal the ''magic formula'' of Levijatan's exceptionally fast growth and development, as well as introduce their plans for the future and ways in which you can get involved with the work of the Foundation, which ranges from contributing through socially responsible activities to shaping a more advanced, more functional and happier community. They act, they educate, they bring change and they inspire. Join in and grow with them.


Aleksandar Buhanac

Levijatan Movement foundation, Executive Board member (Serbia)

Jasminka Herceg

Levijatan Movement foundation, Board of Directors memeber (Croatia)


Hrvoje Krešić

N1, Croatia