Sila&Taraba: Between Netflix and HBO

Petak 21/09/2018 12:30
Business Summerhouse Stage

The producer duo and also owners of probably the only European independent production house that has simultaneously produced two TV shows for the largest and most important global streaming platforms, will reveal to us, through talks and interaction, their ex- perience of production and the sales of the rst Slavic language TV show to Net ix (the series „Novine“ is streamed on this platform in 190 countries worldwide, and the rst episode of the second season will be screened at this edition of Weekend Media Festival), as well as the freshly nished rst original HBO Europe show in Croatian, called „Success“. Find out rsthand how Croatia’s best export product came to be and what it’s like to work for the cult company that is HBO.


Miodrag Sila

Drugi plan, Producer & Owner (Croatia)

Nebojša Taraba

Drugi plan, Producer & Owner (Croatia)


Ida Prester

Host / Musican (Croatia)