Croatian version of the first web search engine which protects consumers’ privacy to be launched soon

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Why do you use curtains in your houses and at the same time you do not think about all the data which is being distributed while the web search engines are in use?

This issue has been raised during the lecture ‘The Search Engine That Respects Your Privacy’ by French expert for security, founder of the company and web search engine Qwant – Eric Léandri.

“We have witnessed mass control lately. People do not search for terrorism related terms, no matter if they are journalists or just individuals, because they do not want to be suspects. Web search engines are tools to get information, but at the same time, they give information about you, based on your searches. Google collects your private data through the used applications – Google maps, Gmail, Google search, agenda, drive – all of these are the ways we disclose our data. Facebook collects data about you, as well”, said Léandri.

To increase internet users’ security was the key goal when Léandri founded Qwant with investor Jean Manuel Rozan and search engine expert Patrick Constant back in 2011. And two years later when they launched Qwant search engine. Qwant is an alternative to everything you have ever seen – it is the first web search engine that respects and protects users’ rights and does not personalize results. There are no cookies, no search history – everything is encrypted and safe. In addition to web browsers’ extension, Qwant is available as an app for Android and iOS. Approximately 70 million users per month use it to search for around 10 million terms in Europe, but it is more and more popular outside Europe as well.

In addition to guaranteeing privacy Qwant continuously upgrades its service. There are several platforms – from Qwant Sport to Qwant Shopping and Qwant Pay, supplements which enable safe payments and transaction tracking. And maybe the most important thing: internet usage cannot be banned for kids, but their searches could be safer.

“Qwant Junior is a web search engine for 6-12 years old kids which does not include results related to violence, hate speech and other unwanted content, including commercial ads”, said Léandri and announced that Croatian language version of Qwant will be available soon.